World Diabetes Day Quiz Night – Nov 2014

On the 11th November, The Pendsey Trust were yet again host to another Quiz Night Fundraiser! This time we had moved down river from Victoria to the The New Moon pub near Monument welcoming a crowd willing to show off their inner egg-heads whilst raising money to help sponsor children with with Type 1 diabetes. We chose to host the event within the same week as World Diabetes Day, and had a host of other news and events to bombard our contestants with.

We welcomed one of our long supporting partners, Elizabeth Rowley of T1International, as she set up shop in a small section of the room, offering gifts and treats in aid of raising more money for our cause! For those of you that saw many of the wonderful items that were on offer, but didn’t get a chance to invest, you can still check our and purchase the great range via T1International’s online shop.

More importantly Elizabeth was on hand to support our #insulin4all campaign, which was running hand in hand with World Diabetes Day at the end of the week. Together both parties were able to visit all tables and express the need for worldwide access to insulin, and that this year the message should be about putting ‘the WORLD back into World Diabetes Day’. A big thank you to those attendees who listened and took part in the campaign, which has now received the support of over 400 people from 43 different countries!

So back to the main event, THE QUIZ! The night was packed with round upon round of questions ranging from the standards of general knowledge and science, to sport, geography and even a food round!! Bonus points were up for offer in our infamous ‘invisible films’ picture round and what is becoming a fast favourite; the ‘make-it’ round. This time round our teams were challenged to make something from good old fashioned newspaper and tape with the theme being ‘put THE WORLD back’.

Eventually after much fun and creativity, and cheers and groans from in our opinion was relatively easy answers being revealed, we had ourselves the top 3 teams. And when the winner was announced, jubilation rang out, and everyone applauded them in a good sportsmanship way! Even the 3 prize raffle that took place could not hamper the winning teams triumph!

Congratulations to them, and thanks to everyone who came along and took part. We managed to raise an amazing £415!!!! Also thanks to our 3 prize donators; The Wine Tasting Shop, Banana Cabaret Comedy Club and Brewdog Bars.

Look our for yet another quiz night in the new year, as it is fast becoming the long awaited for traditional event, with an aim to raise even more for those who are in need!


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