The Pendsey Trust Quiz Night – May 2014

On the 19th May, The Pendsey Trust hosted another successful Quiz Night Fundraiser! Many people travelled far and wide across London to the Marquis of Westminster pub to show off their inner egg-heads whilst raising money to help kids with Type 1 diabetes access school and look forward to a happy, healthy future.

The night was packed with round upon round of questions ranging from the standards of general knowledge, to sport, history and music! Bonus points were up for offer in our picture round, riddle round and the infamous ‘make-it’ round, where teams were challenged to make something from newspaper and tape that they couldn’t live with out, in honour of those sufferers of diabetes who couldn’t live without insulin.

Eventually after much fun and creativity, and cheers and groans from answers being revealed, we had our selves a winning team. Congratulations to them, and thanks to everyone who came along and took part. We managed to raise an amazing £406!!!!

Look our for another quiz night coming soon before the summer’s out, which aims to be bigger and better with the aim to raise much more for those who are in need!

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