Supporter Spotlight: The Harvey Family

Spotlight on: The Harvey Family

The Pendsey Trust’s supporters really are the best. We wanted to take this opportunity on this dull, wet morning to brighten up your day by showing this wonderful picture of the Harvey family getting behind out latest campaign to purchase 200 Frio bags for our most needy children in India. All the family text donated.

Tobias on the right with his siblings

Tobias,6, was diagnosed aged just 2, his Mum Hannah has written the blog below.

Type 1 Diabetes is such a difficult condition to manage, lots of anxiety and Tobias especially hates changing his pump site every few days, I am constantly anxious and rarely catch an unbroken night sleep. About a year ago I came across a The Pendsey Trust one night whilst I was up for what felt like the millionth time dealing with a t1 issue. I started to read about the work they do and it instantly hurt my heart. We are very thankful for the NHS and I can not imagine the anxiety the parents in India feel regarding affording and obtaining supplies. I knew instantly that we must get behind this important cause and we started sponsoring Amar.

Sponsoring has been a fantastic experience, but we couldn’t help thinking about all the other children who need help, and we love the sustainable initiatives funded by The Pendsey Trust which is why I decided to take part in a 60 mile Highland Hike, which raised £440 (£550 with Gift Aid).

I want to do all I can to help those less fortunate with this condition, but however much I do, it will not be enough. Tobias just loves playing football, it is all he wants to be when he is older and although Type 1 might mean more testing and problems with training, I know it will not stop him being whoever he wants to be. I know life is different for children in India after diagnosis and I love the way Pendsey Trust funds educational activities to help the children also be whoever they want to be.

I can not imagine the anxiety parents go through to get insulin, then further anxiety when it can not be kept at the right temperature. This is why we supported the 11:11 campaign to fund 200 bags. Please, if you can help this campaign then do, if not then help this tiny charity raise awareness by sharing this post as they dont spend anything at all on advertising to make sure the Indian children have every penny they raise.

The link is here  

Thanks Hannah and the Harvey family for being amazing supporters of our work.

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