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Although The Pendsey Trust primarily provides funding for educational opportunities, we are aware that there are still many children at our partner organisations who are not guaranteed access to free medical care and are dependent on international aid for this.

Give a family the gift of knowing that their child will have access to the medical care they need for a year for £200 and in return receive a photograph and details about the child. You can also write to the child, send gifts, and even visit! You can find out more about all that this entrails from the last child we were lucky enough to sponsor, Khushi!

We currently offer child sponsorship with our local partner in India. Please contact admin@thependseytrust.org if you are interested in sponsoring a child.

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3 thoughts on “Sponsor A Child

  1. Could you please tel me how we’d sponsor a T1 child- the process behind this and the cust each month to make a difference?

    We have a T1 child( age 13) and I think he’d really love to do this

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    What fantastic work you are doing – wonderful! My name is Peter Davies and I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November 1956 at the age of 2 years. Despite 63 years of living with the condition, I have had a great life and I continue to do so. I am a retired teacher who is also very involved in assisting Diabetes UK and JDRF UK in their great work.

    I know that tragically, many in the World do not have the same chance of living a healthy and happy life and this dreadful imbalance is what drives me to sponsor a child / family that are struggling. I realise this is a small gesture as so many need support, but I would love to play a small part in helping.

    Please, would you be kind enough to inform me about how to get the sponsorship process started? I look forward to hearing from you shortly. My email address is: prmdavies@gmail.com. If it is easier to contact me by phone, feel free to call me on 07962 400234.

    With thanks and best wishes,
    Peter Davies

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