In the summer of 2015, students from the University of Sussex, in association with Sussex RAG, will be taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

The challenge involves six days of cycling across the fascinating and beautiful scenery of Kerala, crossing the coconut groves, tea plantations and national parks, travelling through friendly villages and the breathtaking mountains of the Western Ghat. The students will experience Kerala’s wildlife sanctuaries and watch out for tigers and elephants, staying off the tourist trail at remote ecolodges and homestays along the way. But more importantly, our volunteers will then have the chance to travel to Nagpur,  central India and visit some of the children who will be benefiting from the money raised by themselves and The Pendsey Trust.

Kerala Cycle Basic Poster

We’ve created Pendsey Profiles  of the students (click on the photos below) that are taking part in this fundraising expedition, and asked them why they chose to get involved and what they wish to accomplish and learn from next summer’s adventure!

On each profile you can find their BT Donate Fundraising pages, so please feel free to sponsor any one of the team with a small donation as they aim to reach their impressive targets!

You can also follow their group blog, and keep track of everything they get up and all their fundraising adventures in the build up to the challenge!

Will Hammond
Eliana Harrigan
Dara Meunier
Jessica Mevel  
Imogen Radwan
Caroline Rothery
Natalie Seagrove
Paige Smith
Rose Williamson

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