July Sponsor of the month – The Bradley Family

This months sponsor of the month is the Bradley family who have recently sponsored Karan in India. We recently had a chat to them about why they chose to sponsor a child.

How did you hear about the Pendsey Trust?

Our son, Remy, is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in October 2014. We heard about the Pendsey Trust from a post on the CWD (Children with Diabetes) UK Facebook support group.

We started sponsoring Karan in March 2016. Karan has been going to the clinic since February 2015. Our sponsorship helps to provide insulin, medical supplies and also a travel grant so Karan can attend the clinic every 3 months.

Karan opening gift from sponsors
Karan opening gift from sponsors

Why did you decide to sponsor Karan?

We wanted to sponsor Karan because we realise how lucky we are in the UK to be able to take access to the treatment that keeps Remy alive and healthy for granted. The thought of our son not having access to insulin and not seeing diabetic specialist doctors is, quite frankly, unthinkable for us. Diabetes is a difficult enough condition to live with, without those worries.

How have you found your experience of sponsoring Karan?

The most rewarding part of sponsoring Karan, is knowing that it helps to make sure he has access to proper treatment and medicines. But it’s also been great to receive photos and a letter from him. We have also sent some small gifts, which is nice and helps to make the relationship about more than just the condition.

Thankyou letter from Karan
Thankyou letter from Karan
karan's drawing
Karan’s drawing for his sponsors

Thankyou to the Bradley family for sponsoring a child through The Pendsey Trust and supporting our vital work in India. It must be very reassuring for Karan and his parents to know that his medical costs are covered.

For more information on our child sponsorship programme, email admin@thependseytrust.org or click here

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