January Supporter of the Month – Dom Will

Welcome to our first blog of 2017!

Our supporter of the month feature is back! January’s supporter of the month is the amazing Dominic Will from North London.

Dom is a Judoka, which to you and me is a person who practices Judo. Usually, between Christmas and New Year, Dom sits around with nothing to do and complains about the lack of Judo practice, much to the annoyance of his wife. Dom also has 2 daughters, the eldest of which has Type 1 Diabetes. This year, Dom thought that rather than complain about the lack of practice space, he should get out there and organise a “Christmas Rumble”, which would also give him the opportunity to practice with others, whilst also raising vital funds for The Pendsey Trust.

Dominic states “As a father living in the UK helping my daughter deal with the daily challenges presented by Type 1, I can only imagine how tough this would be if I had to fight for access to insulin for her, or if our family simply couldn’t afford it.”

The Christmas Rumble involved members of several local Judo clubs coming together for “randori” which is like sparring, or free practice. Judoka’s paid a mat fee, which was donated to us to fund our vital work in India. This was Dominic’s first charity event and we are delighted to report that he raised £1563!

Dom and everybody at the Alexandra Park Judo Club, on behalf of everyone at The Pendsey Trust, especially the families in India, Thankyou! Your donation goes a long way towards ensuring young people in the developing world have sustainable access to insulin.

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