We are delighted to introduce the child The Pendsey Trust will be sponsoring with the proceeds from World Diabetes Day!

Khushi is 2 years old and lives in a house built of mud with no water or electricity in the province of Yavatamal. She lives with her grandmother, parents and older brother. Her father is a field labourer and earns around $6 a week.

Sponsoring Khushi’s medical costs is ¬£200 a year. She will be provided with her insulin, accessories and some monitoring strips and meter along with a travel grant as it takes 4-5 hrs to reach Nagpur from her village.

We plan to use funds raised on WDD every year to continue Khushi’s sponsorship until she is able to support herself. We hope one day she will be able to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by The Pendsey Trust.

We are desperately seeking others who may wish to sponsor children like Khushi as there is a waiting list at our local partner organisation. You will be provided with a photo of your sponsor child once a year and be able to write to them and send gifts- and maybe of the sponsor children send letters and drawings back! You can even travel to India and visit your sponsor child. To find out more get in contact with admin@thependseytrust.org

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