The Pendsey Trust is delighted to support the DREAM Trust in Nagpur, central India.

Established by renowned international diabetologist Dr Sharad Pendsey and his wife after witnessing the tragic and unnecessary deaths of two girls with Type 1 diabetes, the DREAM Trust has helped hundreds of individuals living in poverty to access insulin and medical care for free.

Our key projects at the DREAM Trust involve providing vocational training to enable young adults with the condition to enter employment and afford their own medical costs. So far this has included funding university places in dentistry, nursing, ayuverdic medicine, engineering and IT. We have also provided funding to individuals to attend vocational training courses in beauty, tailoring and electronics.

We continue to provide scholarships to ensure that children from disadvantaged families are able to complete schooling, providing a crucial foundation for future employment.

An additional project we are involved with in India is providing bicycles to enable these individuals to access education easily and without having to pay expensive bus fares- including during the monsoon where flooding can cause villages to be cut off from public transport and for young people to miss valuable hours of schooling- find out more here!

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