How You Can Help

The Pendsey Trust is a small charity run by a group of volunteers. Therefore we have minimal administration costs and your help can make a direct difference to individuals with diabetes. The main areas we currently require help in are:

Fundraisers: We are looking for people who want to do something different this year- whether it be challenging yourself with a marathon or abseil, or getting your friends together for a bake sale or car wash! We have plenty of tools available to help individuals with their fundraising so get in touch if you want to change a child’s life.

Child sponsors: Alternatively, make the commitment of sponsoring the medical costs of a child with diabetes for £200 a year. Receive photographs and pictures from your child- or even travel to India to meet them!

Ambassadors: If fundraising isn’t your thing, we are also looking for people who would like to go into schools, universities and local groups to speak about the situation for children with diabetes in the developing world, or individuals from such groups to get in contact with us.

Everyone can make something amazing happen. As a small charity we are in need of a whole range of skills and what we need most are proactive people with ideas.

Get in touch with to see how you can help us change the lives of those with diabetes.

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