The Hog Roast Ski Party Fundraiser

One of the most successful fundraising events of 2013 returned with a twist, as The Pendsey Trust, together with GJ’S pub in Wandsworth held another Hog Roast Night. This time round we incorporated an après ski theme to try and warm the late winter blues away.

Gone was the sunshine, but that didn’t stop people from turning up to GJ’s outside social area, huddled around the heaters, some wearing what can only described as a sort of 80’s throwback retro ski ensemble.

As the guests arrived, having knocked off another week of work, the Hog was slowly turning, roasting in it’s own juices as it prepared to feed the masses. Meanwhile our trustees were enthusiastically hopping from table to table, convincing people to invest in another one of our infamous raffles.

The guests had the exclusive chance to win some top prizes ranging from a night’s stay at the Mayfair Hotel, or a Day’s Spa at Hotel Verta, to a 6 week boot camp pass and a popular collection of JLS tour t-shirts. Tickets were in hot demand, especially as it was known that there more than one t-shirt on offer. You know what they say, everybody in love, will buy a raffle ticket.

Then it happened, the pig was ready. With a nod from the chef, people lined up to get their share of the feast. And my, what a feast! Delicious tender pork, soaked in gravy with a dash of apple sauce, and of course, my personal favourite, chunks of crackling. Not to take a shine away from the pig, the vegetarian option was equally sublime, taking the shape of a feta cheese and onion puff pastry tartlet. It looked delectable.

Once the food had settled, and after a quick ticket selling spree round the local patrons of the establishment, it was time to announce the prize winners. Numbers were being drawn, shouts of jubilations from around the marquee met with groans of disappointment, especially once the t-shirts had gone. A small rocky patch was met when winners we’re not actually present, the crowd were getting restless, why was none of our guests being chosen? Then before we met a full uproar and some sort of raffle revolution our 3 top prizes were awarded to people that were actually present. A result! Once again the raffle was an enormous success. I still hold that down to the food and the company there, everyone was a winner in my eyes, but I digress.

After the raffle it was time to dance the night away, with GJ’s very own DJ boasting a collection of absolute party anthems that he would play till the 2am curfew.



But the real winners of the night were those that we were running the event for, through the charity. A few days after the numbers were crunched, and purely from both raffle and event tickets we managed to raise a whopping £1,200. We were truly overwhelmed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came, everyone who bought raffle tickets, to those companies and organisations that were willing to donate prizes (listed below) and to GJ’s Wandsworth. I would like to personally recommend a round of applause to our trustees and all those that contributed in whatever way to another successful Pendsey Trust Fundraiser.

Here’s to the next one:

Prize Donators: Mayfair HotelLamberts Restaurant – BalhamHeadmastersBrickwood Cafe – ClaphamSpa VertaThe Olive Tree – Blackstock Road, The Hilton – London Syon ParkBootcamp by Sally, Something Made and of course JLS.

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