The Pendsey Trust was inspired by the vision of Dr Pendsey, an Indian doctor who witnessed the deaths of two young girls, whose families simply could not afford the insulin they needed to survive. He subsequently established the DREAM Trust, which has saved the lives of hundreds of children and adults with diabetes. Dr Pendsey appreciates that by giving a young diabetic girl a sewing machine and training her as a tailor, or sending a child with the condition to school instead of to work, this gives them the chance of a healthy future where they can afford their own medication.

In July 2011, Lucy Laycock, a British journalist, travelled to India to make a documentary about the situation for diabetics in developing world countries after attending a lecture hosted by the NCD Alliance at the European Development Days 2010. She was struck by the terrible situation facing these individuals, and their courage in the face of stigma and an ongoing battle to access insulin. 'The Doctor who Dreamed' tells the story of Dr Pendsey and his remarkable patients:

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Shortly afterwards, Lucy and three other professionals with an interest in international development and personal links to diabetes, formed The Pendsey Trust to help individuals like the ones Lucy met whilst in India.

We are all volunteers and run the charity alongside our ‘day jobs’. You can find out more about the people involved in making the The Pendsey Trust what it is today here.

Subsequently, Dr Pendsey and the DREAM Trust was our first local partner. Please visit the DREAM Trust homepage to find out more about the work of this remarkable charity.

To see a copy of our constitution please get in touch.

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