Catriona and Andrew Laycock: Pendsey Trust Champions!

Catriona and Andrew Laycock have been proud supporters of our President, and The Pendsey Trust, since she returned from her initial visit to Dr. Pendsey and The Dream Trust in Nagpur. Since then, they have also been sponsoring one of the children there who is living with T1 diabetes. We asked them to tell us their story of how and why the made the life changing decision to contribute to saving a young life.

“As parents of Lucy Laycock, the founder of The Pendsey Trust, our reasons for sponsoring a child are even closer to home than for some others.

“Lucy visited the Dr Pendsey and The Dream Trust in July 2011. Once we had listened to her radio piece and talked to her about her experiences at the clinic we were completely overwhelmed by the incredible work Dr Pendsey and his team were doing with children from the poorest backgrounds diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We were particularly struck by the situation for Nandini, an eight year old girl featured in the radio documentary, whose impoverished family were battling against the odds to keep her alive. At this stage we decided that we wanted to ensure that this girl had the chance of a happy, healthy future, and therefore took on the responsibility of sponsoring her medical costs for £200 a year until she is able to afford these herself.


“We love the balance of the way this charity works, providing the life-saving insulin but helping the children to attend school, to train in vocational courses and to ultimately become self-sufficient; equipped to earn their living and to fund their own treatment. The journey for all the children helped by the Pendsey Trust to being healthy and working young adults is inspirational. We have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to sponsor a child Nandini directly, and that through our donations we can support her to attend education and to receive insulin while she too makes this life affirming journey. We hear how she is getting on regularly and it feels a very special thing to have the chance to be involved with, especially as we have 2 daughters ourselves. This added personal involvement with Nandini and her family has been both humbling and uplifting in equal measures.”

Nandini is now a thriving eleven year old who is dreaming of becoming a doctor one day to help others with Type 1 diabetes

For anyone thinking of becoming a child sponsor; for just £14 a month this is the chance to be involved in direct sponsorship; the chance to help and to be sure the money goes to that child rather than on administration costs is hugely rewarding in our experience.

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