‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!’

This week we are delighted to introduce a guest blog from Dilan Shah, one of The Pendsey Trust‘s newest supporters. Having lived with diabetes for many years, he is keen to help others with the condition who are less fortunate than him- and has decided to take on an inspirational challenge to raise money for this. We caught up with him to find out more…

“I was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic in May 1994, and given my young age at diagnosis, initially my parents managed most of my diabetes. Over my teenage years, my diabetes control deteriorated; a result of hormones and teenage mentality! In my late teens, I realised that I needed to take control of my diabetes, before it started to control me.

“My poor diabetes control had meant I had put on a lot of weight, and I started doing a bit of running, and I like to set myself goals, and decided to run the London Marathon in 2007. Unfortunately 2007 wasn’t my Marathon year, and though I got to the finish line, the time was a lot slower than anticipated, and I had unfinished business with the streets of London. In 2009, I did the London Marathon justice, and crossed the line in under 4.30 hours…a time I was ecstatic with!

“I have always been told to aim high, and this I did on my last challenge, for which I took on the Highest Freestanding Mountain in the World, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, in 2011. Summiting Kili was fantastic, and although summit night was tough, the climb overall was incredible. A couple of months ago I decided that another challenge was needed for 2014….EVEREST BASE CAMP.

“From Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5400m, I will be able to see the Top of the World, and it is place I am really looking forward to reach. The trek will last 14 days, and Himalayan topography means there will be several inclines and declines en-route.For this challenge I will be supporting The Pendsey Trust and JDRF (The Type 1 Diabetes charity).

“Whilst it was 20 years ago, I remember my Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis well. I was walking home from school with my mother, and collapsed; she took me to the doctors and I was admitted to hospital. At this point, my blood sugar levels were in dangerous territory, and the reality is without intervention, could have been fatal. I spent a few days on a drip, which normalised my blood sugar levels; and then my parents/I learnt from the medical team what Type 1 Diabetes meant.

“However, unfortunately, diabetes diagnosis effectively remains a death sentence is some parts of the world, and this is why I will be supporting The Pendsey Trust.

“I am lucky that in the UK, diabetes medication/insulin is available without a cost. However, in India diabetes medication can cost up to three quarters of a family’s income, and this financial burden means that unfortunately for some families it can become a choice between feeding themselves/other children, and paying for medication. As part of my fundraising for Everest Base Camp, I would like to sponsor a diabetic child’s medication in India, and request that you help me achieve this aim.

“I am new to blogging, this is my first guest blog, and will be posting on my blog soon at http://time2changet1d.wordpress.com/about/ so stay tuned!

“Thank you for joining me to help find a cure, and in sponsoring a Type 1 diabetic child’s medication.”

Dilan Shah


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