Will Hammond

Name: Will Hammond

Age: 20

Course: History and Sociology

Describe yourself in three words: Ineffable


Have you been involved in any fundraising events or groups before? 

Not to this extent. I have packed many bags in Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s but this is a whole new challenge

How did you hear about the challenge- and why did you decide to get involved?

I was well aware of the fantastic challenges offered by Sussex Raising and Giving and as a keen cyclist with an urge to make a valid contribution to what is a fantastic cause; this challenge was a no brainer for me.  

What do you hope to learn from taking part in the trip?

My knowledge of India is limited to the Big Bash Cricket League and Top Gear India special so I am hoping to learn the real stories and experiences of the people I will encounter. I know I will be thrown aback by what I discover but this will give me so much valuable insight into the real world.

Are you looking to anyone for inspiration? or Is there anyone who is a big support as you take on this challenge?

As a team I think each one of us is the other’s biggest supporter. Im fairly sure “I’ll Stand By You” is already on the Team Playlist (The Original….not Girls Aloud’s Effort).

What are you most excited about- and most nervous?

Im definitely packing my cricket gear. Providing I can still stand after 350km I will definitely be found at the nearest crease. I also have the pleasure of celebrating my 21st en route so spirits will be high irrelevant of the steepness of the Western Ghat Mountains. Nerves are natural but excitement extinguishes them.

350km in 6 days is a big challenge, how will you preparing for this?

Big? Challenge Accepted. Every km is being cycled for this fantastic cause. There is my motivation.

What happens next? Do you have any exciting/unique fundraising plans?

For sure. Watch out for a top class comedian performing at Sussex Uni and the copious amount of cake sales.

Do you have a message for anyone that is planning on sponsoring you?

It’s a fantastic cause that could do so much with your donations. There will also be lots of embarrassing sweaty cycling photos

BTDonate Page: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/kerala2015

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