The idea is simple: take an empty container, it could be an empty gluco-tab or smarties tube, an empty jam jar, tupperware box or any other suitable small container. You probably have something in your recycling you can use.

Next, throughout the month of September, simply put any small change in the container. Fill it with those brown pennies that make your purse bulky. Put your few pence change from buying the paper in. Empty any coin out of your purse with a value of less than 50p or 20p each night. Or you might chose to put every 5pence piece in you get (no one likes those getting stuck in the corner of your pocket or purse!). At the end of September, you count the change up and either hand it to a trustee of The Pendsey Trust, or donate the amount you have here. Your returned tub will enter you into a prize draw to win a £10 Tesco voucher, it therefore does not matter where you live in the UK, you will be able to participate and also get use from the prize. Please donate your pennies via the btdonate page we have set up for this initiative to ensure you are entered in the draw for a Tesco voucher, or alternatively hand the pennies to a trustee.

It really does not matter if you only manage to save pennies, as collectively, all our small change can make a big change to the lives of young people with diabetes in India. We are trying to demonstrate to you that a little goes a long way in the developing world. Click here to read about how one young woman was helped by a £70 grant to purchase a sewing machine and start her business, she is now self sufficient with her insulin costs.

Pennie for Pendsey poster jpg



Our VIP supporter Oliver, who is just 9, is doing #penniesforpendsey and explains what to do in the following video.

Oliver explains #penniesforpendsey