Paige Smith

Name: Paige Smith

Age: 22

Course: Media Practice

Describe yourself in three words:  Passionate, Smiley and Adventurous 


Have you been involved in any fundraising events or groups before? 

Yes! I hitch-hiked to Croatia last year in aid of Link Community Development. I’ve done some sponsored silences where people paid to keep me quiet for 24 hours, pleasurable for them, painful for me! Doing cake sales and creating village fete games which was a lot of fun!

How did you hear about the challenge- and why did you decide to get involved?

I heard about it through RAG (raising and giving society). I have been to India before therefore have a connection with the country and loved it there. I loved the idea of going back for a cause which will benefit the area!

What do you hope to learn from taking part in the trip?

I want to gain an understanding of people’s lives in another country, I want to know what drives them and what they want to do with their life.

What are you most excited about- and most nervous?

I am most excited about the actual challenge itself. It would be a lie if I said I am super fit and active. Therefore preparing for the trip and the endurance of the 6 day bike ride – it’s going to be fun, but hard. But the feeling once we accomplish it, is going to be incredible!

350km in 6 days is a big challenge, how will you preparing for this?

Becoming best friends with Sussex Gym. Spending a few days a week at the gym, just trying to be as active as possible, trying spin classes and other gym classes to keep it fun.

What happens next? Do you have any exciting/unique fundraising plans?

Now I have signed up to the challenge I plan to fundraise a lot. The general bucket collections, bag packs and cake sales. But I also will arrange team events like comedy night, charity bar crawl and a gig night.

Do you have a message for anyone that is planning on sponsoring you?

Don’t be ashamed if you can only afford a small amount, every penny counts and every penny is instrumental in changing lives.

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