Imogen Radwan

Name: Imogen Radwan         

Age: 18

Course: Philosophy and English

Describe yourself in three words: Sassy, flawless, groovy


Have you been involved in any fundraising events or groups before?

In 2012, I helped to raise money for a school trip to Namibia, where we donated large sums to an orphanage and a school in small rural villages. The fundraising was largely a collective effort, and cake sales were very popular – I’m excited to do all of this again for The Pendsey Trust.

How did you hear about the challenge – and why did you decide to get involved?

I heard about the challenge through Sussex RAG, and after going to a talk which explained the itinerary of the trip and what the charity did, I knew I definitely wanted to participate. To be able to do something for a great cause and also experience some of the most beautiful parts of India was an  opportunity that I didn’t want to miss.

What do you hope to learn from taking part in the trip?

I hope to learn about other cultures – the differences they have and similarities they share with my own. I also hope to see the effect our fundraising will have on the lives of others.

Are you looking to anyone for inspiration? Or is there anyone who is a big support as you take on this challenge?

My family are all very supportive of this cause; my grandfather grew up in India, and has seen the difficulties that poverty creates there, but he also knows how picturesque and breathtaking the country itself is – so I suppose I am inspired somewhat by my own heritage.

What are you most excited about – and most nervous?

I am excited about the whole thing – I couldn’t really single out one moment, as it all sounds so incredible. I am nervous, however, about having to train for the cycling…the word ‘fitness’ rarely enters my vocabulary.

350km in 6 days is a big challenge, how will you preparing for this?

Cycling a lot over the summer.

What happens next? Do you have any exciting/unique fundraising plans?

We already have a cake sale planned, which should be a success, and I think pub quizzes will also be a popular way of raising money on campus. Simple collections – which I think we will be doing in the near future – also yield great contributions.

Do you have a message for anyone that is planning on sponsoring you?

First of all, thank you for even considering sponsoring me, as there are so many causes to support these days. Secondly, whatever donation you give is guaranteed to make a difference, even if it is just a small one, and you will have helped an individual who can’t afford treatment for diabetes as a result.

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